May 7, 2010

At My House....
playing along with Lou's 'At My House' meme - i'll try to play along every Friday as its my day off!
I didnt get much done around the house today...had to do some shopping and then renew my drivers license ( my photo looks SO bad... ha! guess im stuck with it for the next five years...)
actually my house needs a good dust & scrub - something to look forward to this weekend (not!)!

here are some things around my home....
Solo Tea Time.
one thing i love to do before School pick-up is make myself a cup of tea.... sipping slowly and in silence. Once the boys are back home there is no silence until bedtime!

and some new wool on sale - perfect for a crochet project - blue , gray teamed with wheat/white... maybe I'll give the throw a go after all!
and a grouping of supplies...trying to get my creativity back! i like this colour combination
*Kraft Brown
Have a super weekend ahead everyone!!


  1. Gorgeous colours. What are all the paint cards for- a new project that I know nothing about?

  2. Anonymous11:51 PM

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  3. Being a homeschooler, I rarely get that silence. I am always very envious of it, lol.

  4. Thanks for playing along Anastasia.

    Oh I hate housework! If you leave it until Sunday then maybe it will be done for you for Mother's Day (with a few prompts and lots of dreaming ;))

    Your quiet cup of tea sounds like a lovely idea. It's amazing how much little things like that can have such a positive effect on your mood.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend. Lou.


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