May 15, 2010

At My House....
Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!
Soccer this morning for us (success - both boys team's won!!)
Since we were at a park in Rozelle, i really wanted to visit Rozelle flea market afterwards but the traffic was so congested, parking impossible and my 7yr old was sweaty and hungry so back home we came!

At my house this week, my one & only house plant, which was on the brink of death is now thriving and is looking very happy & healthy!
a bit more Green in the house...(my favourite place to sit!!)
leftover flowers from Mothers Day on my kitchen windowsill
and a batch of lemon biscuits made this afternoon....the house smells SO good!!

for more 'At My house' posts check in over at Lou's blog!!
have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Congratulations on 'your' soccer wins today! Those lemon biscuits look so cute. Are they piped like that, or a mould? YUM!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thanks for joining in this week. Lou.

  2. Oh, it seems so long ago since we were doing soccer and AFL Saturday mornings. It wasn't, but it seems so. I think I'll bake biscuits tomorrow. I have old cooking and gardening books lying about the house for inspiration so will find a 1939 biscuit recipe to fill the house with yummy smells.

  3. The mother's day flowers are lovely, yellow really brightens the room don't they? food around here always look SO delicious!

  4. Lou - yes, my biscuits were made using a vintage biscuit press - my mum almost threw it away but lucky I saved it -the quality is fantastic and so many plates that'll make great biscuit shapes - cant wait to experiment!
    Kate - wow 1939, thats an old recipe!! let us know how they turn out
    Kelli - Thanks, its Florence Broadhurst fabric! i love it too!
    Babelfish - yellow in the home is always a happy colour!!


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