May 16, 2010

I see the light
ive been sick with a cold the past week and I cant seem to shake it off...I just
want to open all the windows and let that fresh air in...shoo away all those nasty germs.

There is nothing as beautiful as a home with floods of natural light - its an instant pick me up which is exactly what I need right now!

here are some lovely images with lots of bright light....
top from Desire to Inspire blog, gorgeous bathroom from Coastal Living - id love a long soak....with lots of bubbles
and bright dining room from Country Living


  1. That is so true. My DH designed our home and he got the light absolutely perfect. Everyone comments on the beautiful light in our family, meals area. I hope you feel better soon:)

  2. hope you're feeling better soon. a house with lots of natural light is exactly what i'm after too :)

  3. Natural Light is the best! feel better...

  4. Hope you are on the mend!

  5. Beautiful Anastasia! Get well soon! :-)

  6. Stumbled upon this. If I have a bathroom like I might never leave the tub! It's beautiful! Btw, I hope you feeling better now.


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