May 9, 2010

Silver Screen Sirens

I spotted this stunning red Christian Dior number and it instantly reminded me of sultry Screen Sirens and old Hollywood.
Looking back at classic black & white studio shots its hard to think that these glamour girls were so young, they look so grown up and sophisticated....
vintage photos have that sense of Romance...
Such a difference compared to today, where looking youthful seems to be the main priority in Hollywood and sadly everyday life!

I have a long list of favourites screen sirens,
what about you, whose your favourite?

Red Dress and Nails from Christian Dior on
Screen Siren images - Lauren Bacall,
Gene Tierney and Lorretta Young
all from


  1. Sophisticated and stylish:)

  2. Everyone of them so immaculate and stunning, they have an elegant sophisticated air about them, not just their good looks.

  3. I'm sad that we've lost that appreciation for style and chic. Those women were gorgeous and not 'sexy' in a bad way. I love those old black and white movies.

  4. Agree with M.M.E! Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Bette Davis......are just a few of the stars whose style, allure and charismatic presence I love and admire.


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