July 13, 2010

Cook and Look
...so on Saturday i went shopping for a new blazer and came home with a cookbook.
well it was on sale
and way too cute to pass up.

'She's Leaving Home' by Jazz singer and shop owner Monica Trapaga and illustrated (adorable!!!) by Meredith Gaston
its a lovely cookbook with lots of family recipes, comfort food and lots of heart, cant wait to test some of the recipes!

aren't these illustrations super!!??


  1. where we can get the book? thats awesome!!! love it!!!!thank for sharing (^___^)

  2. That is, without question, the prettiest image of a dissected cow I have ever laid eyes on! Looks like a gorgeous book. Well done, enjoy!

  3. Yufinats - you could do a google search, its not available on Amazon though but maybe try googling 'bookdepository' as they offer free worldwide delivery!

    Louise - its so sweet!!

  4. Gorgeous book! (much more exciting than a blazer!)

  5. Haha I think I like pretty cook book because of the lovely photography or illustrations. That one looks really cute.

    French toast! Yum. Plus the illustrations would compel me to make it. x

  6. I still don't have that book, but I *nearly* get it every week... Monica's shop is in my local village strip, and it's been in and out of the front window there for ages :) The shop is well worth a look too... lots of lovely homey things.

  7. I am going to go looking for this book - super sweet! tHanks for sharing Anastacia :)

  8. Jenna - i dont live far from Summer Hill - ive been to her shop - very sweet, my kinda thing!!!

    Melinda - you should! really great book...

  9. I am a sucker for cookbooks. My collection is growing. Love the illustrations.


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