July 23, 2010

A girl called Ivy....

Im so happy you stopped by because today I want you all to meet Ivy!
Ivy is a talented photographer, an interior decorator with an amazing sense of style and beauty
but most of all she totally inspires me with her passion for Life and Love!

So lets meet the girl behind the lens....

What is currently inspiring you?
Travelling!....ever since I relocated in Germany, travelling to European cities has become quite easier, approachable and affordable. Whichever place we visit, I return full of inspiration, after having completely dived in to the local culture and beauty.
Wether a magical Greek island or one of the gorgeous villages in Mallorca, incredible, seducing Paris and full of design and art, Amstedam or romantic Strassbourg, there 's always a new light to see things, everyday life, interior design and of course photography.
Nature, natural light and the simplest things of everday life also inspire me a lot.

Name 3 things you cant live without?
Allow me to answer this in a slightly altered manner...I'm very, very grateful to be living in a peaceful place of the world, where there is enough food and all the neccesities for everyday life.

Can you describe to us your Personal style?
Well, I sure hope I can.
I love simplicity, white and natural tones. I sometimes appreciate a delicate touch of luxury in a rather understated way. Concerning places to inhabit, I mostly choose by the natural light they offer and the rest of criteria follow, like size, neighbourhood e.t.c. The nicest of interior planning will have a poor outcome in a badly lit place.
I do love interiors and outfits that mostly follow the "less is more" attitude and I absolutely love to see the personalities of people shining though their dwellings and choices, even when they are the simplest ones.
Not much is needed and am holding the belief that the better we know ourselves, the more harmonious are our environments, realtionships and even way of dressing.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self?
I'd tell me to trust my heart, to follow my dreams and insticts and devote my life into exercising the things I love the most.

As you know I love to be inspired by colour, can you tell us your Favorite colour combinations?
As already mentioned I love white and natural tones.
Shades of light blue and aqua blue/turquoise are also very dear to me, as are dusty pinks combined with golden tones.
Light greys, beiges, and the fresh green of plants are also among my favorites.

What do you love about your city?
What I love about this city we are currently living in is the location of our little Penthouse and our home itself, eventhough it is a rental.
I also love that in just 100m from our door step, we can find ourselves in a beautiful, big park, situated along the river.
I love all the life it includes....ducks , rabbits.....birds, beautiful flowers, huge trees, little children playing, open air festivals during summer, such as music concerts or oldtimer car gatherings.
The area consists of beautiful old villas ( Opel Villen district), built just opposite the park among lots of trees and greenery. In addition, there's a wonderful castle, as much as an updated art gallery, also offering a cafe and a restaurant. What's most important, all that in a low profile neighbourhood, also hosting the factory of Opel cars and the companie's offices. Totally multicoloured!

Do you have a Favourtie quote you'd like to share with us?
There are quite a few, but as much as I tried to pick one I could not.
I find myself to be inspired by all the psychology and philosophy I've been reading, as much by the personalities of well or less known people....but at the end of the day, it's my personal truth that matters....and I can only pronounce one word, with tremendous importance: LOVE....for life, for people, for animals, for our passions, for discovering the mysteries of existence.

Thanks so much Ivy, for coming by today and sharing some of your thoughts! big hugs from me to you!!

all these beautiful images were taken by Ivy and you can see more of her lovely work over at her
*Etsy Shop


  1. Dear Anastasia,

    I don't think I've ever enjoyed so, so much with deep, pure pleasure cooperating with someone all the way, into doing an interview and presentation of my work.

    You are a wonderful person who combines friendship with professionalism!

    Thank you for the invitation and doing this with such a nice feeling and the warmest of hearts. Thank you for waiting for the right time and respecting my life's rythms and mostly, thank you for thinking so lovely about me!

    Big hugs to you, too :) xx

  2. Wow!!! That's some SERIOUS eye candy!!! Thank you so much for sharing this interview with Ivy!

  3. It was so nice to meet Ivy. Thankyou Anastasia for introducing us and those images are just devine....have a nice weekend.

  4. Thank you for introducing me to Ivy and her work. A talented photographer indeed. Her zest and appreciation for life is apparent in your interview. I wish Ivy (and you) all the success the Universe has to offer. Blessings, MJ

  5. My friend Ivy! She is a beautiful, I repeat beautiful, person inside and out. She is authentic, genuine, kind and incredibly thoughtful. She has amazing creativity and has this uncanny ability to turn anything simple to oh so stylish! I am so privileged to have met her.

    Well compiled and presented Anastasia!

  6. she really is talented! i love her pictures!!.. thank u for sharing this. this is a great feature...*

  7. ...just popping in to say thank you so much to all who have commented so lovely! I' m mostly happy to be here :)

    Madhu dearest, all my love to you! XO :)

  8. Searching for the right mood this page hit me with calm and mellow.


  9. What a great read - thank you! Such a talented individual, those pictures are divine! xx

  10. beautiful work, lovely interview, thanks for sharing!

  11. Anonymous3:08 PM


  12. Wow she sounds amazing! And her photography is so fantastic. This is such a great new series Anastasia!

    Her interview was so inspiring! x

  13. Oh great post..yes she is really sweet and talented..wow..I just connected with her recently :-)

    You have a georgeous blog and here is so much good inspiration..my gosh..and thank you for your visit and sweet comment dear :-)




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