August 22, 2010

At My house....
I had a lovely little nanna nap this afternoon, it was very indulgent of me but i couldnt help it...
I spent the morning spring cleaning ( the weather is feeling very Spring-y in Sydney - love it!)
and catching up on housechores.

I washed our curtains, lots of woollens and then I moved onto the ironing pile whilst watching back to back issues of Martha Stewart on TV.
Its been busy in our household...hubby was away skiing all of last week and so i was going to bed very late!
Once i had my little ones fed, bathed and in bed by 8pm, the evenings was mine to be enjoyed!
i crafted and watch DVDs and all the TV shows i love, I also joined in on some Twitter fun, decluttered, blogged, baked and read but after 5 late nights paying for it now and on top of that i have an ear infection!
not good!
so this week my plan is to take it nice and's hoping for a FAB week ahead!

for more 'At my House' posts head on over to Lou's lovely blog
*Tags and fabric tape in my shop
* 'Dress Tags ' Im making for Retrospections in Cammeray
*a glimpse of my inspiration board


  1. i hail naps! lol! wish i had opportunities to have them though :) sounds like you've been pretty busy too. enjoy your more chilled week :D

  2. just wanted to drop in and say hello! we meet back at the etsy craft night and all you crafty gals inspired me to get my blog started - its finally here and I wanted to say thinks for the inspiration!

  3. So much inspiration!!

    xo Laura

  4. I LOVE nana naps. Sounds like you deserve one after the last week home alone with the kids. You certainly did relax and play in the evenings though - sounds like lovely 'you' time. No wonder you kept staying up late every night!!

    Thanks for joining in again this week. Lou.

  5. It sounds like a nap was definitely needed after your busy week. The fabric tape and tags are really pretty, great idea. I hope your week is more relaxing.:)

  6. So much fun, I wih I could do that. yvonne

  7. I'm not sure how you did it! I think you need to take it easy this week :) and just be creative or read. I love all the new things and your inspiration board. I spy some Bec Winnel things!

  8. Sounds like you've been happy busy and very productive:)

  9. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Sounds like you've been very busy! Also sounds quite familiar, to stay up late doing your own things when little ones sleep, LOL I'm the same! Haven't slept enough when my baby needs me all day and I need my own time too.

    I LOVE those dress tags <3

    There is a little surprise for you in my blog! Go check it out:


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