August 24, 2010

A Kitchen Update....
Just spoke to my kitchen guy and looks like our new kitchen is almost ready - he'll be here to remove my current kitchen next week.
yayy! i cant wait!!

well i can wait for the mess that will be happening in my house but its going to be worth it as its not every day you get a new kitchen right?!
We've gone with a simple shaker style cabinet design in matte 'Antique White' and Im definetely having a subway tile splashback...
my kitchen guy suggested a sleek stone splashback ( my friend Julie said my kitchen guy has expensive taste haha)
but im a simple girl and the plan wasn't to go overboard
with the new kitchen as our budget was tight... id be very very happy with a subway tile splashback.
i love the classic look of them anyway!

We did however fork out a little more for ceasar stone im getting giddy with excitement!

When we first thought about
a new kitchen, our discussed budget was ridiculously tight that we were too emabarassed to let them know but suprisingly
3 out of the 4 quotes we got, were under budget
so do shop around - it is possible to get what you want!!

stay tuned for Before and After shots!

* Kitchen images from Country Living USA*


  1. Looking forward to seeing it! Wish I was getting a new kitchen-I seriously lack storage...

  2. ooh I love the above kitchen from country living, it's so light and cottagy all at the same time! Looking forward to seeing the before and after pics! xx

  3. Oh how exciting!!

  4. I am so jealous and yet so happy for you! That is so exciting!
    So glad I got to find your little corner of Blogland!


  5. Hi. I came over from Lou Lous. So glad I did.
    Happy that you are getting a new kitchen and that you are splashing out in the right areas. We did a similar thing where we waited for tiles to come on sale and we were really happy with the splurge on Caesarstone.

  6. Oh coooool!!! Can't wait to see the pics, best of luck with the finishing touches!!!

  7. Yay- how exciting:) I think the Subway tiles are going to look great in your kitchen and dramatically cheaper. Perhaps the cabinetmaker was doing a bit of upselling- like would you like fries and a coke with that lol.
    I hope you have started to freeze lots of dinners for when the kitchen is in limbo. Good luck:)


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