September 19, 2010

At My House
Its Monday again...I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

we had no set plans and it was great to let the weekend unfold....Andrew took the boys for a little morning bushwalk at Wolli Creek which is just down the hill from where we live, they were excited about their little adventure and it gave me the morning to myself. Lovely!!

i made the effort to walk to the dry cleaners, yes, I walked and it was much more enjoyable than having to fight for a car spot - the weather was really lovely anyway and I enjoyed stretching the legs...
once home i found some spare time to play around with my camera. Im doing the 'Blogging your Way' e-course which is run by Holly and Leslie - im loving it so far, its making me think deeply and im really inspired..we even get homework!

if they offer it again next year, definetely enrol to do it, you wont regret it....

i created a spring mood board and tried to capture the feel of my Saturday morning - what do you think? it was fun!
I think i still need to learn a bit more about my camera and what it can do!

Have a FAB start to your week everyone!
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  1. There's a Spring morning captured right there. I think it looks lovely. x

  2. The mood board looks great! I am off to check out the Blogging E-Course link! Have a great week x

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely day and I really , really like your moodboard .

  4. this is such an inspiring photo anastasia! i can't wait to see what you create. happy monday to you!! xx

  5. Great collection. I often think about doing a mood board or inspiration board. That is a lovely spring collection for the weekend. I love all of the flowers and blossoms and little bits of colour that are around at the moment. Sounds like a great use of time while the boys were out. I also need to learn how to use my camera a bit more as well. Another thing on my list for one day...

    Thanks for joining in again. Lovely to visit your house again. Lou.

  6. love the mood board - i have to finish mine at some point!

  7. Oh i have a lavender candle burning so i can smell your blog post!! Love Posie

  8. You've got a beautiful collection of inspiration for your spring mood board. I love lavender in spring.

  9. Love the photos :D The colours seem very lovely! My week was quite rough at first as I have to finish a lot of my to-do-list before I'm heading off for holiday~ =p

  10. Oh so you are doing that course?! That's awesome. I like your photos. The way it's all put together is beautiful! I should do this blogging course next time.

  11. Don't you love having the morning to yourself! Such a treat! I get the same things on Sunday morning when my husband takes our son to his gymnastics class. Lately, I've been working on my photography for this class as well.


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