September 16, 2010

Etsy picks of the Week: Feeling the Blues
i wonder if Blue is the most popular colour of choice? It wouldnt suprise me if it was...
some associate it with sadness and feeling down but I see it
as endless summer sky, sweet little blue birds, lazy days in loose denim and pottering around barefoot,
my boys use a lot of blue in their artwork...i think most kids do as its a colour that really appeals.
for me it evokes calm and serene moments.
..something i need more of in my life!

Top image from Prada Fall 2011 show*
Oasis Bracelet by Realisationcreations *
Girl In Chair 2 by Belafontesbunsa
* Snail Brooch by Mamaslittlebabies ( i always appreciate a slow tranquil life and whats slower than a snail....bliss!)


  1. you have chosen some lovely shades of blue

  2. Those are definitely gorgeous blues! I love the print! xx

  3. Love the blue :D :D The snail brooch is really awesome!

  4. Oh, thanks so much for the inclusion here! xo

  5. such great hair! the first pic reminds me of Barbara Streisand :)

  6. beautiful finds ~ love the snail brooch. thanks for your comment :)

  7. Blue is joy for me. The watercolor of the woman with blue is wonderful. I couldn't stop gazing at it.

  8. Beautiful items! Blue is the color of choice for my sister, so I purchase quite a bit of items for her in blue shades.

  9. I'm excited for the warmer weather. I have many outdoor plans. The blues in each of these items are beautiful. It makes me feel sort of springy.

  10. Wonderful shades of blue. Refreshing as always. Lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  11. Anonymous8:49 AM

    oh wow! I love that snail brooch. This is a beautifuly curated set of images, and that blue makes me feel very calm and peaceful. Keep up the great work on you blog!

  12. Thanks so very much for including my Snail Brooch in this collection. I adore your blog! xoxo


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