December 7, 2010

At my house
....its starting to feel festive!
Andrew and the boys put the tree up on Sunday so Im glad thats out of the looks great and the boys had lots of fun
but i must admit i havnt really bought anything new for Christmas in ages
so every year our tree and festive decor always looks the same.

I do buy the boys a new ornament each
every year but i think trying to be traditional with Winter colours and themes in the middle of our hot Summer is kind of odd?!

Id like to slowly change our Christmas look with more pale, fresh feel - a new look to evoke an Aussie Christmas at our house ....good thing is i'll have a year to plan it!

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  1. We have mostly the same decorations at the moment as well. We have added a few bits and pieces this year. It is probably a good time for you to start trying new things next year - your children a bit older and less likely to damage them :)

    It would be fun to try a whole new look.
    Merry Christmas! Lou.

  2. It is fun to switch it up once in a while, but somehow I usually put up the same things too.
    I love your silver stars!!


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