December 8, 2010

Bohemian Elegance
one of our challenges for 'a Fashionable Challenge group ' was
a fashion illustration with the them
Eclectic Chic

and here is my girl...wearing a maxi dress with pop socks , heels and a flouncy floral pin in her hair...
i wish i had more time to draw...
i think Boho chic is one of the hardest styles to pull off in both dressing up and also in home decor...the mish mash either looks perfect or
tragically wrong dont you think?... haha
I do love that bottom room though - so relaxed and super chic!

Decor image - Kathryn Ireland


  1. That second picture is so cool. I love that chair xx

  2. I'm not a Bohemian style gal but that room is lovely. Very comfy and relaxed looking:)


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