December 10, 2010

A Creative Odyssey

Jess of Epheriell Designs is hosting a blog hop and today its my turn to post about my creative dreams and goals for the coming year.
My posting partner is Jane of 'Life @Number 8' and yesterday we had Gaby from Spokes 'n' Daggers and Prim and Propah so make sure you check her blog to see her creative goals and dreams too!

My goals are to
* Continue to be creative daily. I find im happiest when im creating and making things.
I also hope to put aside more time (stop procrastinating!!) to experiment more with mixed media collages, ACEO, swaps ( love swaps!) and to grow Percival Road Designs

* Draw more often - i dont do this enough! i love a quiet moment to just sit and draw, sketch, feels good

*Be in the Moment - the days go by SO fast i need to remind myself to stop and smell the roses, observe my days, parent with more attention (autopilot parenting never works) enjoy every mouthfull of food, be thankful and gracious and appreciate life and living!!!
i think we all need to do this!!

What are your creative goals and dreams for the new year?


  1. 'Be in the moment' - that's a fantastic goal AC... it's something that can easily be forgotten, but can bring so much joy and clarity. xx

  2. great post! You're so right - I should definitely stop and smell the roses more :-)

  3. WOW! These are some excellent goals! I may need to revamp mine - creative + presence sounds like a win to me - thank you so much for sharing this I am beginning to understand that I sooo need to manage my time better, really. HAve a wonderful holiday!

  4. Be in the moment totally strikes a chord with me. I've been feeling so disconnected lately, and I don't like it. It's definitely a goal of mine, for sure!

  5. 'Stop and smell the roses' is one of the ways I try to live my life... highly recommend it!
    Have fun achieving your goals next year :-)

  6. They are some fantastic goals AC!

    I should really stop to smell the roses too!

    here's to a wonderful 2011!

  7. Oh I agree with everyone else. We all need to make time to stop and smell the roses. It's so easy to achieve something then say 'right, what's next' and not take time to enjoy what you have in your life, all around you already.

    Lovely blog. :)

  8. This is really beautiful! Those goals are great. I would love to be more creative and to get a new job next year. Oh and to concentrate on my health more. x

  9. I like your goals. Three simple goals that I am sure you will accomplish this year!

    Good luck!

  10. I need to draw more too! that is for sure. It's just nice to take the time out to do it...

  11. Great goals for the new year. I completely agree with finding time to be creative on a daily basis. I too am happiest when I do this. Good luck with your goals.

  12. This such great fun reading other peoples goals..and inspiring too.

  13. Hi Anastasia,
    I love oyur art work and the creative goals you have listed.

    It has been wonderful to share this day with you..
    shall we keep in touch as we go through the year?

    Life @ Number 8

  14. These are great goals. Keep to them and I reckon you cannot fail to do very very well. Art feeds the soul and extra nourishment is going to make you grow so much faster.

    Good Luck!


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