January 4, 2011

Bridge of Love
...there's something nostalgic and very romantic about beautiful old bridges,
not only are they a perfect location for a fashion shoot, but they've inspired songs, movies and poems!

people of all walks flock to them...young lovers, artists, families
Famous bridges are on the 'To See' lists of tourists worldwide
(my favourite - Pont Alexandre III, in Paris)
They are the perfect spot to arrange a meet-up (...meet you on the bridge at 5pm)
or for a solo walk where you can stop and linger, feed the ducks then stroll along again

....from one side to another a bridge is perfect uniting spot... I'm sure you have your favourite, if not go find a beautiful one in your city today!

beautiful bridges of Central park
Top image by Olivia Graham photography
Bottom from the Tiffany & Co catalogue ( hubby bought this catalogue home for me - a blue box would have been much nicer, non? ha-ha just kidding...actually when we visited the Tiffany & Co flagship store in NYC, I bypassed the diamonds and headed upstairs to check out the home wares and stationery....)


  1. Dearest sweet Anastasia, i too adore old bridges...they do have something beautiful and magical about them. Have a lovely merry happy first week of the new year! Love to you!

  2. I love bridges too ... they're romantic and wonderful. I love the images you've gathered too ... makes me fall in love with the elegance and beauty of bridges all over again! :)

  3. Happy new year Anastasia! Love those two images, beautiful :)


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