January 11, 2011

My kitchen Rules...Yes it does!
This time last year i put it out there that I hoped 2010 would be the year where we'd find a new dreamy house to move to...sadly that didnt happen (we're still patiently looking)
but in the meantime, i got a new kitchen
- its been a few months now and im still loving it!
I wanted it to be light, bright and a Happy place to hang out and i think we acheived that.

Firstly we didnt plan to change the tiles or the floor ( I wish!) so we had to keep the same
L-shape as the original kitchen.
The only change we did make
was the position of the pantry - the old one was in the far
corner and SO deep that nothing could be reached - it was cluttered and always messy
so I bought the pantry to the front of the room and opened up the back corner - it looks SO much more spacious...
here is the before - not an old kitchen but a little tired and dated...
and here are some pictures of our new kitchen!
and it really makes me happy!!
were awesome!
They organised everything.
Removing the old kitchen,
building a new one,
plumbing and electrician
and caesar stone.
They even ordered our new appliances for us with a higher discount price to what we were quoted - its always good to ask, they have contacts!
For tiles we went with a classic bevelled subway tile in white - we found these at Price Tiles, Leichhardt and Michael of In-Stile Tiling did the amazing tiling work - love my tiles!
So what do you think?
would love to know...
if you have any questions just ask away...
the whole project cost approx $14500 (including appliances) it was a little over budget but we splurged and got caeser stone benchtop which pushed the price up a bit...worth it for sure, its lovely!
i still need an artprint for the back wall and maybe some new canisters or mugs, there's always new & lovely kitchen 'stuff'' to intice!


  1. it looks lovely and light. We are having a new kitchen done at the moment too. Just got the tiling to do and a few finishing touches. I've got the same tiles as you x

  2. It looks great!
    So airy and fresh...You'll find that right piece of art to finish it off when you least expect it.

    I always seem to find the perfect finishing piece when I'm not looking for it.

    Enjoy cooking in your new kitchen!!

  3. Wow - your kitchen looks beautiful!! I'm loving the 'space' of it and the white looks fantastic.

    That seems like a really reasonable budget for the renovation too ... you've inspired me to start planning for more of my household changes! :)

  4. Love the freshness of your new kitchen! Yay!

  5. Daphne12:42 PM

    Looks great! I like how you freshened up the window too...

  6. Loving your kitchen, man this really makes me itch for my own place so I can make it my home...great renovation :)

  7. So bright and sunny. Looks like a great place to cook!

  8. Bright and beautiful!!! Congrats!

  9. I am jealous. We plug on with ours and it needs doing.

  10. It looks great! So bright and cheery... I'd love to cook in there! :)

  11. This is utterly beautiful Anastasia!! I love the white. It looks so fresh. I think it's such a great renovation :)

    P.S. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! The Brisbane CBD is slowly flooding so Jason is home for a few days.

  12. It is beautiful, AC. It looks so much bigger!
    You must be thrilled with it.

  13. Great job Anastasia! It has opened up that whole space, so bright. I'd love a stone benchtop in our soon to be new kitchen...if only stone were cheaper!

  14. Love it - it came out so well. The stone bench was definitely worth it:)

  15. Bet its a treat just to be in there. Stone tops and white cupboards are definitely a winner for me.Fiona

  16. great reno - the doors are awesome!!

  17. Thanks for inviting me over to visit your kitchen, I love it, we definately have similar tastes.
    What a transformation to your space, it looks much bigger & definately lighter & more inviting.

  18. Anonymous5:30 PM

    What a difference the colour change makes - so much airier now! Congrats to your new space!

  19. I'm so loving your new kitchen, Anastasia!! I would hate to move after just doing that!

  20. These are stunning designs. Good thing I manage to find these because I and my partner were having a hard time on thinking the new design for our kitchen.

  21. It Look great with your information with photos We are also providing stone benchtops sunshine coast


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