February 22, 2011

Colour Inspiration: Purple + Storm
Colour rocks my world
and Im just love these two hues together!

The bottom image i had clipped out of Vogue because it was just SO pretty - the styling, the clothes - love it!
Its what my hubby would call 'Grandma clothes' and what I correct him with 'Nanna Chic', can you believe that pretty model is Elvis' (The King) Grand-daughter Riley?
hasnt she grown up??

Both images are styled so differently - one brighter hues of the shades and the other dark and deep.
They convey such a differnet look and feel...the top girl looks a little Victorian in her pretty dress
and it was shot by Scott Schuman whilst in London recently - someone commented on his blog ...'who is this girl and where is she going?'....it does make you wonder? a great capture!
Love them both!

top image photographed
shot by Scott Schuman, 'The Sartorialist' and bottom image
photographed by Norman Jean Roy for USA Vogue


  1. i love the colors in the first photograph! :)

  2. Gorgeous! I hadn't really thought of these two hues as complementing one another, but they are so powerful! And I have to say I love the mystery in the first photograph :)

  3. moline5:33 PM

    I would so wear the grandma outfit! I even pinned it on my Pinterest!

  4. I loved the different colors and the fact that your husband calls them "grandma" is too funny! Your newest follower from EBT.

  5. Anonymous1:16 AM

    I love this fashion. So ladylike. And the last skirt would look great on anyone. gotta love that.

  6. I agree, the colors are absolutely delicious!

  7. These colours are great together. Hmm I feel another brooch coming on!

  8. Gorgeous colors! Thanks for the inspiration.

    ~A New Follower~

  9. Lovely outfit! I love the first dress especially. I don't look so good in that color, but I can wear if it's the same sheer material like in the photo. the second photo is so classy. Love the hair style, too! Kaho


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