February 20, 2011

A girl called Leanne...
what I love about this whole blogging community is coming across woman who dream BIG and then work really hard using all their creative talent, drive and deep passion into making their dream a reality.
Leanne is one of those girls!
we even got a chance to meet at a Sydney blog gathering last year - she's truly inspiring!!
Leanne specialises in Dessert and Candy Buffet styling and makes any wedding or party look chic and simply delicious!

So welcome Leanne, can you tell us
what is currently inspiring you?
All the amazing bloggers out there - I can't believe the number of
incredibly inspiring and creative people who I seem to find on a daily
basis. I am incredibly inspired by Leslie Shewring
from A Creative Mint
and so many other amazing photographers who have an eye to capture the little details.

Name 3 things you couldnt live without right now?
My camera, my Macbook (which needs to have the internet!) and my dreams (and my family of course)

Can you define to us, your personal style?
I definitely would describe my style as modern, clean and simple - occasionally I will deviate from this but I love whites and neutrals
as a base, simple clean lines and a clutter free space.

Do you have a favourite colour or colour combinations?
I am a pink girl - always have been and always will be - I wear it a
lot, decorate with it a lot and I am drawn to it in everything I do
(lucky I have three girls!!)

What is your favourite Smell or frangrance?
I love the smell of sweet flowers like gardenia, rose, freesia and
frangipanis so with fragrance I find I like a perfume that includes one of these - they remind me of spring and summer

What do you love about your City?
Sydney is such a beautiful and picturesque city. I love that we are
close to the water, the beaches, the bush but there is still the buzz of a big city. While Sydney is the biggest city in Australia to me it is not a city that feels jam packed and overcrowded. The lifestyle in Sydney is pretty wonderful as we have great weather, great food and
laid back living.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us?
My current favourite is - "Comparison is the enemy of creativity"

Thanks so much Leanne and for you to stay in touch with Leanne and see more of her beautiful work or to book a dessert table for your next function,
head on over to her gorgeous blog
and also her new website which should be going live in a week or two!


  1. Thank you so much Anastasia for this lovely post - is that really me - you are too kind!! Big hugs - see you at the next catch up. Leanne xx

  2. Loved this feature! Her work is stunning and I really love the pink as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. The candies are very pretty!!! What a fun post you had! I've looked at your other posts. I like the pictures you pick! You have a beautiful blog. Keep blogging! Kaho

  4. Love Leanne's work, and her blog is so sweet. I'm such a stickybeak, so it's awesome seeing pics of her beautiful family, along side images of her dessert/candy buffets.
    Thanks for the interview Anastasia!

  5. What a small world! Anastasia, that last photo is from my daughter's birthday a couple weeks ago! Great interview :)

  6. Such beauty in her work! Great feature and I love her favorite quote - how true!!!


  7. oh wow Angela - it all looks awesome! i bet your daughter had a fantastic party!!! ((hugs))

  8. Lovely post... and I love the photos of all the little details. So beautiful. Just going to visit her blog now and take a look!

  9. great post! love learning about the ways people get inspired and put it all together ;-)

  10. Wonderful interview!!

  11. Great interview .. thanks for introducing me to Leanne + her website!


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