February 6, 2011

Hot in the city....
Wow what a week!!
The Sydney heat wave has been the talk of the town but finally (yes!!!) this afternoon we had a a cool change came our way...

all i can say is ...Pure BLISS!!!
Whats a girl to do in such extreme heat?
the boys were running around in their underpants most of the weekend - we've all been hot and bothered and on top of that ive had a really sore wrist the past few days...
(boohoo to me)
its really scary as im not used to pain let alone constant pain!!!
and to make it worse its my right wrist so being right handed I cant do too much
- anyone want to help with my ironing pile?

I crafted a little this morning - I havnt done anything in days ...Im taking it easy but I have a couple of orders to finish and Im involved in some fun projects coming up so Im trying to get everything ready and organised.
This year I need to focus more - i get SO distracted ...is it just me???
and now hopefully with some cooler Summer weather it will be much easier!


  1. Oh watch your wrists, i have carpal tunnel & some mornings, i'm completely unable to hold a steering wheel!! The weather plays havoc with me, i wear metal hand splints to bed, sexy!! Too much quilting, cutting, hand sewing, nappy changing, trust me, as crafty mothers, we hammer our wrists!! Love Posie

  2. yes sadly i too have carpal tunnel - i got it tested just over a year ago but it was mainly on my left wrist. I also wore a splint to bed for a while and it was fine for months but now my right hand is playing up...its scary!!

  3. Carpal tunnel is different to RSI, isn't it? Sounds awful. Bless that I don't have problems with my hands and arms. I type all day and make things and draw. I don't know how I'd cope. Not politely, I tells ya. Hope it heals with a little rest and relaxation.
    The new cards look great. I really have to get in and put an order. I salivate every time I see you crafting a new batch.

  4. I am a new follower! I am also a fellow Etsy Blogger on Etsy blog team! Wanted to spread the love! Come by sometime ; ) I can't wait to see your great ideas!


  5. The distraction thing? Yep, I'm feeling that. Must keep telling myself - FOCUS! Not working so far, I have to admit...


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