February 2, 2011

Inspiration: a country Summer
oh im feeling the heat today...its been unbeleivably hot & humid in Sydney the past two days that somehow i
wish we had stayed up north a little longer enjoying our beach walks
and days of swimming and lounging around aimlessly.

We had a lovely break,
but i must admit I always get back home feeling even more exhausted.

Wouldn't it be nice if someone can unpack your bags and do the piles of laundry , grocery shopping and restocking the fridge...planning and then cooking dinner.
Yes! that would be nice...

The boys started back at school yesterday and I felt a little sorry for them as there was no outside play due to the extreme heat - today will just be the same so ive just cut up some pineapple and am freezing it ready for their afternoon treat.

Today this beautiful image by
Marcel Van Driel
is inspiring me ....it just smells of a Country Summer...


  1. I love that pic! It's funny to hear you talking about the extreme heat while I'm sitting here cuddled up in a blanket with freezing rain falling outside! :-) I'm looking forward to summer! ♥

  2. i wish it was warm here in blighty!!
    Well not too warm ;)

    Yum - pineapple - love it
    and that pick is gorgeous!

  3. hi anastasia! these beautiful pictures are like a breath of fresh country air - one of my very favorite things! we grow peas in the garden, but these sweet treats rarely make it to a bowl =)
    hugs, ananda

  4. Such a sweet images shucking peas. I will trade you hot & humid for 4 degrees with -25 degree wind chill :)
    Maybe we should all move to the Caribbean.


  5. It's horridly hot here too. I feel like I'm constantly sweating. I've laid down a towel on the leather lounge because I keep on sticking to it :)

    Hope the weather cools a little.

  6. Lovely image! sounds like your week is the complete opposite of mine...we just had a blizzard and are at 9 degrees F today! Brr!

    found you on etsy forums...come visit me too!


    Also, see my "connect" tab on my blog for links to twitter, facebook & pinterest! I'd love to connect with you!

  7. It's so amazing that we are all here grumbling about snow and ice and the Aussies are having a hot summer. I've never been to Australia but I would love to. For now I just get to enjoy blogs of talented Aussie ladies :)


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