March 23, 2011

the Chic Garden Shed
Wouldnt it be lovely to have a small space devoted to all things gardening! Pruning and repotting would be much more enjoyable!
I wish I had more of a green thumb, both my parents are keen gardeners growing lots of vegetables, fruit and pretty flowers
and my sister does so well growing beautiful plants.
If only i had more of an interest ....maybe its because my father in law does our gardening - bless him! we never ask him to do it but he pops on over whilst we're at work and so we come home to perfectly manicured lawns, weed free garden beds and hydrated plants - he does have a whine at us for neglecting the garden and the poor plants so dry and thirsty....shaking his head.

This months issue of Country Living has some inspiring features of country home and beautiful green spaces - its such a gorgeous issue!
it even has an article on how to create an instant Garden Shed - you can see it on
their website here
all you need is a spare wall!! looks so chic and very organised....

top image - Laura Moss for Country Living
Middle - Francesco Lagnese
Bottom - Dana Gallagher for Country Living


  1. it would be lovely.....mine would never be that tidy tho'!

  2. I just wanted to pop in and say Hi, I found your blog on Etsy and I'm following. I'm at

  3. oh wow! that bottom one made me swoon.

  4. I love all these... so so charming.

  5. It would be very lovely indeed!!!
    Love that farmhouse sink!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. On the EBT with you! ♥

    Great blog!
    I so love to garden, too!


  7. I love flowers and plants but I kill everything I touch. Hubby does all of the gardening and yard work. I am considering trying an indoor herb garden this year, though. Those photos helped inspire me a little more. Found you on Etsy Blog Team!

  8. I have to say when I garden, I would be horried to see a camera ..

    I get sweaty ... wear old clothes and collapse into a chair after the bouganvillea thorns get me once too many times!

    lovely pictures 'though :-)

  9. I love Country Living, a cool mag, cheers Marie


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