June 23, 2011

30 for 30 Remix some more outfits to share ...

6 of 30 - work or play

7 of 30 -a day at home

and after this shot I got awfully ill, ive been living on bread and black tea and am still feeling out of it (woe is me!)
i must give a big shout out to my boy Pete who took some of these photos for me - my beautiful boy!! im so lucky.


  1. am enjoying seeing your outfits AC!
    get well soon.
    Hooray for lovely Pete and all 3 boys in your life (and my 3 too!!)
    S. x

  2. Oh, hope you get better soon!!!!
    Isn't he challenge fun? It surely changed the way I work with what I have in my closet! :)

  3. Daphne11:00 AM

    Great job with the remixing Anastasia!


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