June 8, 2011

Etsy picks of the Week: On a night like this....
Its been freezing lately and the only place to keep warm is in bed!
I love my bed, its the only place i can really relax my body and my head...a place of comfort.
I love my sleep too and ive been turning in a little earlier lately - to have a moment before lights out!

the glow of the lamp or night light...a stack of books to read snuggling under the covers, a extra warm blanket or two
Hope you enjoy my Etsy picks of the week!

Top image by Phil Poynter * Woven Merino Blanket in Rich Browns by RiverFarmRI *
Golden Honey Glitter Rich Amber Orbs Of Light by BootsNGus *
Rare set of Antique books by StellabyStar


  1. Anastasia, this is lovely - thank you so much for including us in your ETSY finds!

  2. Oh this looks so cosy. I love cosy blankets and books. One of my fave things in winter.

    Hope you are keeping yourself warm! x

  3. Lovely collection you have here. We are very honored to be included.

    Thanks so much, Boots N Gus =^..^=


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