August 28, 2011

Black & White & Wood
I dont know if Id ever paint my kitchen walls black, im just not that game to experiment with black paint anywhere in my home but I do love how both these kitchens look - the black creates an almost cocoon feel to the space - very cosy, warm and comforting!
I also love how they've added a thrifted/country style table to balance the black, white and modern floor.
Both these great kitchens have now been pinned - dont you just love pinterest!?
Ive been catching up on my visual feast!

Where else have I been? (my poor blog has been neglected...)
Ive been clearing up and decluttering a little, cooking a lot - guess I missed being in the kitchen!
Ive also been reading...being away for a month means lots of new magazines in the mail and I started reading Keith Richard's autobiography 'Life' whilst on holiday - i finished it the other day - it was great!!

images via desire to inspire and bottom via A Lazy Man

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  1. I would have never ever thought to paint a kitchen black, but it looks great in these pics! Welcome back! Orangies Attic


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