August 31, 2011

Well hello Spring!!

first day of Spring on this side of the world...I love the changes you sense, feel and see when a new season begins...looking forward to warmer days and spending more time outdoors.

Just to push things along I say yay to
fresh flowers in the home
open windows to let that breeze in and winter damp out - i do this daily even when Im at work (no fear!)
maybe its time to change the bedcovers to something lighter and softer in colour...

happy Spring!

by Victoria Pearson for HouseBeautiful and bottom image by Micky Hoyle


  1. Oh wow, spring is only starting for you? we just started fall. I agree opening the window to let the breeze in, it's the simplest thing you can do at home to make you feel better. :)

  2. I wish it were spring here, how lovely~

  3. You have some adorable shots! Tx :)


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