September 5, 2011

Inspiration Today: Vintage Glass + hand picked Flowers

Just a question for you bloggers
- do you plan posts or do you only blog randomly whenever you feel like it?

I try to mix it up but as a busy gal, a little planning is necessary...
however Im starting a new spontaneous blog post feature
all about inspiration
you know how I love to share what inspires....

so here is my first post for
Inspiration Today.

a Happy day and a smile your way!!

These beautiful images are from
'the Fox and the Spoon' vintage store on Etsy - a gorgeous selection of goods.
Im loving the old fashioned cake tins.


  1. I love the wildness of these flowers, juxtaposed against the formality of the vessels. Charming! My blog posts are utterly random! It's whatever is inspiring me in my work as a designer that day which finds it's way onto the blog.

  2. Beautiful images - thanks for the inspiration!

    My blog posts are randomly planned - things pop into my head and I decide to blog them. But then I'm a novice/sporadic blogger currently falling in love again with the blogosphere!

  3. Thank you again for including thefoxandthespoon here Anastasia!

    My husband is especially chuffed that you chose the bud vase for your post. The flower is actually a native, Indigofra, which grows wildly in our backyard and gives us the most beautiful spray of purple flowers from Winter through Spring. maria xx

  4. These are very pretty!
    Especialy the first one!

  5. The bud vase is SO PRETTY! As for ur question, my blog is actually 'strategically planned' :) ie: Mondays are for DIY projects (my column called Monday's Make-it), Tuesdays are our Tasty Tuesday column, and .... i have Wednesday's Wink which is dedicated to sharing behind the scene stuff on my projects (it's my whatever I want to share day). SO, I keep it planned so it keeps my thoughts organized which makes it FUN for me :) I hope u stop by :)

  6. Seriously!! always an inspiration..


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