September 11, 2011


When I'm at work I day dream and long to be home playing with my crafty stuff but it seems once I do get the chance to work on all those creative ideas swirling in my brain -
I find something else to do.
Yes, I'm a procrastinator - big time! but its not all bad....

I've been busy in the kitchen going through my cookbooks, getting inspired with ingredients.
I made jambalaya for the first time last week - so easy, so tasty!
I made some very bland biscuits using quinoa, seeds and nuts. That Martha...I guess she doesn't always get it right!
I've been tending to two sick little boys who have runny noses and scary chest coughs,
ive been trying to declutter the spare room - my crafty mess, as we're planning some changes in our house. A revamp of our formal living room, a room neglected and unused
to what I envision to be a great workspace/casual hang out room - exciting!!

So I haven't been lazing around doing nothing....ive been a busy girl!

I've also been watching many documentaries' on 9/11, I cant believe its been 10 seems like yesterday when we watched the shocking scenes on TV in disbelief, scared at what would happen next?!
Ive been thinking sadly of those who lost their lives on that tragic day
and for all the innocent people and committed soldiers who continue to lose their lives during this 'War on Terror' - when will it ever end?

*images - my crafty work in progress pile


  1. hope your little ones feel better soon~

  2. Love all those pretty piles....get well soon boys x


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