April 25, 2012

Anzac Biscuits

Anzac Biscuits
'Lest we forget'
Its Anzac Day today, a National day to remember the soliders who bravely fought for our country.
of course I made a batch of Anzac Biscuits - during the Great wars many women's associations gathered and made batches of these  'Soldier's Biscuits' to send along with mail and parcels from their families.
The ingrediants are quite dry and the biscuits are egg free, that way they didn't easily spoil and would last the long journey from Australia to the War front in Europe.
I make these often not just for Anzac Day, the kids love them too as they are a chewy, dense and delicious biscuit - perfect with a cup of tea! shall  I put the kettle on?
Anzac Biscuit recipe here


  1. yum, my sister baked Anzac's today too :)

  2. they are good arent they Vickie?! think i might make another batch on the weekend - we ate these way too fast!

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing.


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