April 9, 2012

a clear mind....

Happy Easter everyone!!
we haven't started our celebrations yet as Greek Easter is on this weekend.
If you know anyone of Greek heritage you will know that Easter time is a big deal!
lots of traditions, customs and rituals, I love it!
its going to be a busy week for us and we're hosting Easter lunch for the family at our house this year so its time to put on my 'domestic goddess' hat and start planning and preparing!

We had a few days off from work and its been just lovely!
lots of family time...relaxing and enjoying time together.
I love a clutter free mind its great to have some time-out from everything...

The weather in Sydney has been amazing with clear blue skies and sun!!
Its starting to get chilly in the morning though, last night was pretty cold too so I think im going to have to pull out the blankets from storage soon
I'm looking forward to cooler days, I love a new season!

Hope you ALL have a beautiful day!
Top - A beach cottage
Bottom - Desde my Ventana

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  1. Sounds liek you are going to have a GREAT time putting that Domestic Godess hat on! Enjoy and Happy Greek Easter!


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