April 3, 2012

Going Gocco!

Last month I did a short 'Gocco on Paper' workshop at Pine Street Gallery – it was so much fun!

I kept reading about Gocco printing on crafty blogs so I always wanted to learn a bit more about this super cool 70’s Japanese invention.

We were told to bring along a drawing or design so of course I left it to the last minute and quickly drew this little girl about an hour before the workshop …she looks so sweet in pink, blue and purple! I made quite a few printouts and stickers too…

Etsy has a quick how to video here where you can see the simple process!

There is also a Gocco category under paper goods - so many great designs. – im itching to buy a used Gocco machine so I can experiment more!

I love these two cards on Etsy below - both printed using Gocco Rorschach flowers by ShopPrettyThings – so elegant! and this adorable Retro birthday card by HelloJuliaMade


  1. What .. u drew it only an hour before the workshop - WOW! Lil girl is adorable - sweet drawing!

  2. your girl is sweet & I love the colours :)

  3. Pretty colors! How fun!

  4. I just followed the sydney etsy page to your blog - was the course good? was it full of 15 year olds or more pushing the 26 end?
    your prints look awesome - i could only wish being able to draw like that in an hour!!!!

  5. Your drawings are really cute, and I the colors are fantastic. Simple but effective. I am glad I found you on one of the Etsy forum teams. Good job. I am now following your blog. Best of luck!



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