June 13, 2012

Creativity & Motivation
The past couple of months I've been a little flat in the creative department.
I needed a little motivating push and so decided to enroll in a paper craft workshop with Paula of 7Gypsies -  should be a great and its been a while since I've done a crafty class.  So that's what I'll be doing this Friday - i will check back next and share what I make!  Paula is in Australia on holiday visiting friends so is only doing three classes so Im happy to have booked early!

I also ended up enrolling in Holly's BYW2 e-course and that's for the whole month of June, that'll keep me busy.
I took her first course two years ago - I learnt so much and the course was very visual with detailed notes and styled images, just like Holly's beautiful blog.   I knew I had to enroll in this one too! We even get weekly homework tasks and its been great networking and meeting other bloggers too!

Another great event I attended this month was
 Etsy Sydney Success which was part of the Vivid Festival - it was a full day event and i left feeling  energised and invigorated! It was great to catch up with Suzanne of PaperIvy and Melinda of Paperklip design and there were a few familiar faces in the crowd.
I wish I had time to stay for the after party to meet more creative peeps but I had dinner arrangments that evening.
The day was planned so well and the speakers were very inspiring.
Etsy's CEO, Chad Dickerson was there talking about courage and following your heart...I'm all for that!!
I also got to meet creative girl, jewelry designer and blogger Jess , which was Super! she was also speaking about her experience as an Etsy seller.
One of the presentations was by stylist Lara Hutton, Ive admired her work for a years now as she styles in all the FAB Australian mags -  I have featured Lara's styled images here - the session was all about styling your products so they shine online!

Another great session was with design duo TMod, their story was inspiring and they have kindly blogged about their talk - how to transform your creative ideas into a viable business - you can see it here.

Images styled by Lara Hutton for Country Style magazine


  1. It sounds like a wonderful event. I am glad you enjoyed and glad that you learnt so much!

  2. Hi Anastasia,

    Wow, I love reading about all the classes/conferences you've been to recently. I love attending them myself although I've been doing quite a few online this year. Love coming home with new ideas.

    Waving back at you from BYW2!

  3. Hi there
    Loved every second! Great views on that! That actually breaks the mold! Great thinking!

  4. Wow, nice to read what you all do!
    You will be full of inspiration and I'm with you on the byw course!
    Really like it!
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks everyone - i need to pull out my papers and craft tools and play a bit too - that always helps me get my creative mojo back!!
    Signora aurora - cant find your blog link!? but thanks for stopping by...great to see more BYW2 girls!

  6. Great post! Etsy Success really was an inspirational day, wasn't it? I like hearing about your courses too. Still thinking about starting that blog! I'm waiting with much anticipation to hear about your paper crafting course (being in love with paper myself). Tell us all about it!

  7. Good luck sweet girl with your studies,it was so nice to catch up with you at Etsy Success. Mel xx

  8. Beautiful photos!
    Hope you're enjoying Holly's class as I am! :)
    Always wonderful having Etsians in class!

    Wishing you all the best,
    Mary (from BYW 2.0)

  9. Hi Anastasia, you have a gorgeous blog and, ooooh, you love Milly Molly Mandy, me too!


  10. Hi Anastasia,

    I'm loving all of the color and inspiration in the photos on your blog. I also visited your Etsy shop, and love all of the creative things you've done with paper. I have a craft room FULL of supplies, and you're inspiring me to get to work.

    Hope you're enjoying the class!

    Katie (BYW 2.0)


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