June 14, 2012

Vintage Style Icon: Jane Fonda
Jane Fonda still has it!
Did you see her at this year's Oscars - she looked amazing, on the best dressed list for sure!
but she's rocking it at 74, can you beleive it!?  still working, still expressing, still interested, thats what keeps you young people!
Jane's always had great attitude and lots of energy and so when I spotted these 'young Jane' images via Pinterest, I knew I had to do a Vintage Style Icon post about Jane...
* images via my Pinterest - Vintage Life board


  1. Aren't these fabulous photos anastasia! I keep trying to do my homework but get distracted looking at the blogs!! :-) caroline

  2. Jane looks awesome in these pics! Great find Anastasia. I'm enjoying your blog (from BYW).

  3. Fabulous photos. Gotta love classic Hollywood. Off to find those pins of yours!


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