June 26, 2012

Days at Home...
On my days off I just love to stay home...
today was not one of those days though.

I had a quick morning coffee with my dad and sister and then I headed out ( rain!)...first I headed to the boys school as I had a Parent/Teacher catch-up with my boys teachers (no dramas - all good!)
then it was straight to the post office
and next door to my optometrist,
spotted a clothing sale down the road ...had a look but way too cold to try on clothes.
Jumped back in the car  (rain!) then off to the supermarket for some grocery shopping - it was so tricky to find a car park so I drove around aimlessly waiting for a spot.  After picking up some necessities I ran across the road to my favourite Fruit & Vegetable grocer - way cheaper and better quality freshness,  planning the week's dinners in my head whilst I shop,  do you do this too?
Last stop was the Dry cleaners to drop off a coat 
and back home until school pick up time which comes around so fast!  
                                               some snippets around my home...
On my desk,  vintage book 'The Luckiest Girl' found on Ebay
and fresh flowers from my inlaws garden on my kitchen window sill.
The view to our Garden - a Winters Day...lots of rain.

and a new ottoman for Neo's room handmade by Coco & Milo . He loves it! happy chappy...

playing with paint, a little experiment
and mini cinnamon rolls.
These were so easy to make  store bought Puff pastry sheets + sugar + cinnamon...roll and bake!


  1. Hi Anastasia, sounds like you had a lovely day! Your home looks beautiful and one those cinnamon rolls would be so delicious with a coffee. I'd love to have a garden where I can go out and pick flowers instead of buying them. Catherine

  2. I love days at home when I can get them. I love your desk. It looks just how I imagine it would with the washi tape, the mug, the vintage book and I see some chevron in the background.

  3. Hi Anastasia,

    Shame on me that I don't come visit often! What lovely photos. What is that book about and those flowers are so lovely!


  4. Nice window and chair.

  5. Ooh, cinnamon rolls!! Your view of your rainy wintery day made me laugh-looks just like our view of a UK Summer day-appauling here!! Cx

  6. There really is nothing better than a day spent pottering at home. If only it were a viable career, I'd make a mint! Those cinnamon rolls look positively mouthwatering! x


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