June 28, 2012

squeezing paint & something new...
When it comes to crafting, I try to steer away from paint - I just don't have the space to be free with the messy medium but it doesn't stop me from buying paint in lovely shades, tempting Craft sales....I want to experiment and try mixed media and collage so like to have it in my crafty supplies for a rainy day.
Last week I tried to dye some cotton twine to match some new gift tags I made - I wanted a subtle pinky lilac shade but ended up with a hint of pale pink - not intense enough but still visible...

so I thought Id test the colours I had at home and squeezed small blobs on some cardstock.  I ended up squeezing more paint than what I needed, freaked out a little as I didn't want to get paint on my bedspread - yes, I was doing this in my bedroom!!??!!  - so I placed another sheet of cardstock on top and sandwiched it together (didnt we do this in pre-school??)
it smudged the paint to form a pretty pattern and the cardstock has a lovely texture which came through..
so I decided to turn them into long Gift tags!  Fun!
I wish I  had more time to play with my supplies....

New tags are now in my Shop!

a great post if you have Paint + a Cardboard Roll - check this out!

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  1. Love these tags Anastasia! You are so clever! Caroline x


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