July 25, 2012

Just a minute in July

Reading... 'The Country Life' by Rachel Cusk and next up I have ‘On Rue Tatin: Living and cooking in a French Town’, a recommendation via Pinterest

Listening... Stevie Wonder and catching up on some Podcasts from BYW2 course

Watching... Good Chef Bad Chef, American Pickers and Project Runway AllStars ( I already know who wins as we are SO behind here in Australia but still great viewing)
Buying... I just bougha vintage dress over on Etsy (so excited!!)  waiting for it to arrive!

Loving... Randel Plowmans new book The Collage Workbook’ Sunshine during Winter days, Pinterest for inspiration (and time wasting)

Wanting... a getway!! even a weekend away would be great right now….

Images by me - stack of books, by my garden shed and playing with some new paper


  1. Some of those books sound great Anastacia. Might have to track down On Rue Tatin..hope you manage your getaway soon. Catherine :)

  2. love the colours in your new paper :)


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