July 27, 2012

Looks like its going to be a pastel Summer!
yes, it sure looks that way...all the shops are displaying clothes in the sweet powdery shades - is all so very 1980s to me!  (...been there done that)
Do you like pastels?
I think i prefer them in the home than on my body, how pretty is that table setting below?
Being a brunette I prefer to wear lots of primary colours  - black, white, blue, purple and I like to observe trends but I dont always follow them...I'm kind of unadventurous like that but anyway bring on Summer!  Cant wait!

images  one , two, three, four, five, six


  1. I love pastels 100% 24/7! :-D

  2. I love pastels and wear them a lot anyway. So thrilled with the range available. I bought my mint green jeans with matching statement necklace this week. Now to find a pretty summer top to go with it.

  3. I don't wear many pastels, but they sure do make a pretty picture :)

  4. oh these are all beautiful! I want to paint in pastels now! You had me stuck in Pinterest for a while ...loved it!!! xo


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