September 11, 2012

From the Recipe files: a sticky mess
So I asked my boys what kind of cake should I make?
Strawberry Cream cake or Chocolate cake?

I guess I shouldn't have asked as I knew they would say 'Chocolate'.
Off I went to make my cake.
I found a great recipe in this lovely book  and it turned out perfectly (if I should say so myself ...) but then I had to go and decorate it didn't I?

I cut the cake in half and it crumbled and broke a little so I added whipped cream and raspberry jam thinking it would help seal the bottom piece and top piece plus all the cracks back together when I realised I hadn't put it on the serving plate yet... Oops!
so I tried to move it, it was heavy and broke even more...darn!

Next messy step was making the chocolate ganache frosting,  I added too much cream to the chocolate chips and it ended up chocolate syrup instead...a runny mess!
So I did my best to hide it all with some fresh strawberries and you know what? was a hit with everyone!!  Yayy!!


  1. Sounds perfect to me, and it looks awesome! My mouth is watering.

  2. Alexandra, Cyprus4:38 AM

    Looks delicious Natasa mou, can I have a piece???

  3. Ohh yum, this cake looks so good..especially all that oozing chocolate and strawberries.

  4. thanks girls! it was delicious!

  5. Yum! And what a great compromise too!

  6. looks delicious :)


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