October 2, 2012

Out and About in Bowral

So following on from yesterday’s post I wanted to share some photos from our day trip.
Do you ever wonder what life would be like living in a small country town?  …vast areas of land, bush and nature all around...tight-knit communities, smiles and greetings...a stress free lifestyle...
It sure seems idyllic....
I wonder if life in the country is really as wonderful as we imagine it to be?
Bowral is one of our favourite towns to visit.   The cafes and bakeries were full of happy people enjoying brunch and the morning sun 
so we grabbed a take away coffee, walked around to stretch our legs, checked out some vintage book shops, visited a photography exhibition, walked around the streets admiring cute cottages and grand homes with long driveways and perfect lawns.  So pretty!
We also enjoyed the famous Bowral Tulip festival and enjoyed a perfect Spring Day!!

Antique shops and a vintage red engine, apple trees and cute dogies!


  1. I'll be down that was in a couple of weeks. My folks live a little further south and I always enjoy a visit. Nice to stretch out and enjoy that country air.

  2. Ah-good question Anastasia-I think the grass is always greener!! There are so many thing about town living I miss so much... I'm finding gorgeous photos from sunny Australia a little hard to take this time of year. You may well miss the Uk, but the weather-oh my goodness-shocking...!!! :-)

  3. I love the southern highlands. I dream of one day owning a weekender there, so close to Sydney yet feels so far... Look forward to reading all your posts this month:) Mel

  4. How lovely Kate! Must be wonderful to visit your parents and get some country air!!

    Caroline - yes, the british weather would be a damper. Im looking forward to warmer days...we're getting there!

    Mel - it would be dreamy but property in this area is definetly not cheap! ...better save those pennies!

  5. Gorgeous post Anastasia grat pics it bought back fond memories as I lived in Bowral when I was younger! Such a beautiful part of Australia.
    Carla x


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