November 8, 2012

Colour Combination:
Coral + Cream + White

From Fashion layout to greeting card, I love these little challenges I set myself...I made this on Monday when I was at home relaxing.
Crafting and creating is one of my favourite ways to wind down, how about you? What really gets your heart and mind relaxed?
I actually have a lot on right now - November and December always fly by for me.
Ive booked in to do a Christmas market with Melinda - Im grateful to be sharing a stall with her as Ive never done a market before and Im trying to build up enough stock - wish me luck!
Im also working on two orders - when it rains it pours!! but I love it anyway so bring it on!!
I also hope to have some Christmas goodies up in my shop real soon!

* image by Carlotta Moye


  1. I don't like coral but I love this combination. It's elegant and peaceful:)

  2. This is lovely! Very soft and pretty.

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    love the ombre coral colors. it's such a soothing color :)

  4. Lovely combination. Which markets will you have a stall at? Can't wait to see you new stock x M

  5. The skirt {if that is a skirt} from the first image is amazing, really beautiful.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  6. Wishing you all the luck in the world for your market stall, that's exciting! Your cards are lovely. My favourite way to wind down is with a cup of tea & my foodie mags.

  7. Anastasia-how gorgeous is that first outfit-LOVE. I'm feeling slightly envious of your Summer-afterall, your Winters aren't much colder than our Summers!! Thank goodness for all the lovely sunny blogs from down under-nothing for it-I'm going to have to put you on my blogroll! Caroline x


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