January 20, 2013

Stamp Inspiration
Last month when we were receiving Christmas cards in the mail, an envelope from a friend in Cyprus caught my eye...the pink floral stamps were so beautiful!

I love stamps and used to collect them as a child and still have my small collection from 30 years ago!!   I knew I had to save these pink beauties for a 'rainy day'
and so a few weeks later I added the the pretty beauties into a collage card.  I love the black ink on the 'pretty in pink' flowers and I love that the date is 12.12.12 - very cool!

The card is in my shop now


  1. How pretty! I like that you found a fun use for them.

  2. Anastasia, what a gorgeous card and such a lovely idea! The 12.12.12 is so great also... The friend must be feeling rather chuffed! M x


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