February 8, 2013

Vignettes & Instagram - the challenge continues.. 
Did I tell you how much I'm enjoying Instagram?
I told myself I didn't need another social media tool to take up more time that I dont really have, but Im so glad I joined in on the fun - its totally addictive!
The Instagram filters are so cool...no wonder Mr Zuckerberg and the people at Facebook bought this FAB little App as part of their internet empire! (and for a whopping $1bn dollars...yes $1bn!!!!)
I'm loving it,
I'm super inspired by everyone's images and I've met loads of new creative peeps!
...the Vignettes challenge finishes up today but here are my images taken for
Love -  set up at my desk, the vintage book is by Beverly Cleary, her books are a childhood favourite!

and for 'Cushions', a snapshot of Neo's room in the morning light - the boys are back to school now...back to a routine  (and order!)


  1. That's adorable bedding! It's so versatile.

  2. Anastasia,
    I am so glad that you found my facebook page because it led me to your page and your blog! It is lovely !!!
    I once lived in Paris for 2 years and loved it. I wish I blogged then, and I would have met people like you ! I blog about Paris sometimes...with lovely memories.
    Many hugs and congrats on your gorgeous blog !
    Bisous !
    Ps. You are RIGHT instagram is so addictive and fun !!!

  3. I've so got to get my head around instagram, I think I need a 101 course! Great vignettes Anastasia, love the componibili in Neo's room. M x


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