April 16, 2013

Frankie is in Town

Talented stylist and photographer Kara Rosenlund is in town with her vintage 'Travelling Wares' Caravan, Frankie!

Kara was part of The School's first birthday celebrations and drove down all the way from Queensland to teach her Vignette workshop and sell some of her beautiful wares.

Silly me forgot to book in before I left for the USA and the workshops sold out real fast,  but I was thrilled to find out there would be an extra class - tonight!
....and I'm going! (yayy!)

I'm looking forward to it.
Not too sure if its a hands-on styling workshop but I will definetley be taking  lots of photos
so look out for a blog post soon!

*images via Kara Rosenlund


  1. Hi Anastasia!

    How wonderful, I would love to do that class and meet Kara. Can't wait to read all about it! Mel x

  2. it was such a great workshop Mel! you would have enjoyed it!


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