April 24, 2013

Inspiration Now - Botanical prints

Beautiful, delicate Vintage botanical illustrations.
I adore them! 

What were originally technical and not artistic, drawings, they  look beautiful in the home.
Try second hand book shops or Etsy for book  plates or large botanical charts look great against a stark wall!

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney offer botanical illustration classes ...drawing from nature amongst the most beautiful surroundings -  How wonderful.

* images Top by
 Tine Ediger for HomeGarden.nl
Bottom via
Hvuitur Lakkris


  1. I have a weird fixation with botanical prints. Really, any kind of educational/science artwork always gets my attention. We just hung a tryptic of botanical prints above our bed! Love it.

  2. they are lovely :)

  3. I agree, they're stunning. The drawing classes sound fantastic. My husband often goes into second hand bookshops when he sees one I'll ask him to keep an eye out for these drawings.

  4. That would be an an amazing class to do. Plus that bottom picture is just perfect.

  5. Not sure if this is the second comment - I may have had a problem before. Such a lovely class to take I'd, I love the botanic gardens, they always embrace the arts. I love botanicals and just recently framed a vintage french school poster about an oak tree. It looks great! M x

  6. Love this botanical prints :)


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