April 29, 2013


I've been hanging out for Baz Lurhmann's  'The Great Gatsby' for what seems like ages!
With delays in the release date, a huge blow-out in the film's budget I'm hoping it will be nothing but spectacular!
I love how the Fashion world get behind Baz & Catherine's films - their creative vision and beautiful styling  should be celebrated.
The May issue of US Vogue features Carey Mulligan who stars as Daisy, I'm still waiting for my subscription in the mail, but I've spotted some of the beautiful images by Mario Testino on fashion blogs -  you can see the set  here at the Vogue site.

...I read 'The Great Gatsby'  a couple of years ago - such a fast read,  but I was on holiday...a  beach holiday so had lots of idle time.
I must admit as the story unfolded I found Daisy's character to be very shallow...still,  Gatsby is obsessed with her!
Im hoping movie goers world wide will be obsessed with The Great Gatsby!  

.....The last of the sunshine fell upon her glowing face with romantic affection....

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  1. I read The Great Gatsby when I was in high school, and for some reason I wasn't that into it. Maybe because it was springtime in my senior year and I had other things on my mind? Haha. I need to give it another shot.


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