May 4, 2013

A Girl called Sujean

Its been a while since I’ve done a Creative girl post so today we’re heading over the pond to meet Sujean.

Sujean is a talented illustrator, book author and mum to a darling little boy!

I first came across Sujean’s colourful illustrations many years ago when I subscribed to the
 'Daily Candy' newsletter.
Each time Id get the newsletter in my inbox it would include a delightful illustration that just made me smile!  
This was way before blogs, Pinterest and even Facebook….gee I was probably just getting used to the internet?!
I think Sujean would be surprised to know how I observed, studied and gawked at her beautiful watercolour illustrations each week…

Sujean has worked with many exclusive clients and brands we all love, like 
Tiffany & co. and Coach,
and she has also illustrated many beautiful book covers.  
Sujean is also a published author and illustrator of the Birdie series - a darling children’s book  character.
Birdie is so fun and sweet!
As a mum, Sujean is also totally in love with her gorgeous little boy and sent me this fun photo of 'Sticker art' that her little boy decorated all over her legs!
Welcome Sujean!!
Can you tell us what is currently inspiring you?
Witnessing my 3 year old son discover the world. 
Watching Spring finally begin to show itself and 
the Classic 'Little Golden Books' series.

Name 3 things you couldn’t live without right now? 
My family. 
Good coffee in the morning and good wine in the evening. 
My iProducts.

Can you define to us your personal style?
Non-fussy, comfortable but still a bit girlie.

Do you have a favourite colour (or colour combinations)? 
Depends on my mood. 
Right now, it's black, white and red. Yesterday, it was turquoise and grass green...
What about a favourite Smell or Fragrance? 
The beach.

What do you love about your City/Town? 
I still consider myself a Brooklynite (even though we moved north in 2007).
I love that you get the city energy and creative spirit in a relaxed neighborhood. I currently live in Chappaqua, NY and have to say I love being in nature now too - especially with a child.

Do you have a favourite quote you'd like to share with us? 
Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it 
- Buddha

Thanks so much Sujean!
To see more of Sujean's beautiful illustrations head on over to her website  


  1. I love this post! I visited her website and all her art is FABULOUS! Thanks!

  2. such great talent - and even her little boy is an artist! I have often been the canvas for some sticker art too.

  3. So so cute illustrations, love them. Thank you for this article, I am going to read more about her... :)

    Very cute blog you have, I stay in touch :)
    Best regards from Slovakia, Europe! :)

  4. Thanks so much lovely ladies - glad you enjoyed the blog post!


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