May 22, 2013

Its a little Nippy outside....

I'm snuggled up in my warm pyjamas as I type tea by my side!  a comfortable setting and  the best way to blog...
It was really cold today, we had a simple bean stew for dinner tonight served with crusty bread -  perfect for such a nippy day.
… I came across this image on Pinterest - I adore cable knit jumpers, her complete outfit is adorable dont you think? but I love the idea of a cozy bakery on a chilly day...the smell of warm dough in the air...

speaking of bakeries have you ever tried to make a batch of French croissants ...from scratch?
'Why bother?'  you ask,
when its so easy to buy one somewhere nearby...?
I just think it would be a nice  challenge Id like to try sometime...and the image below is from 'Adventures in Cooking' blog - the recipe looks easy enough?
I must admit I really enjoy
baking more than cooking- I came back from our USA trip  eager to learn to bake Cinnamon rolls (yes, we ate many rolls during our trip! SO good!)
I made coconut bread last week - it took 4hrs in total but was so satisfying and my loaf looked awesome - I was so proud!  It was also a big hit with  my boys - we ate the whole loaf by the end of the day!

*images via Pinterest 


  1. I like the bakery girls starry pants. The homemade croissants look delicious.

  2. The croissant pic is to die for..gorgeous. Was that Bill Granger's Coconut Bread you made? There's a feature in this months Donna Hay mag on how to make cinnamon buns. Btw I've been meaning to ask you, did you rent a house in LA instead of staying at a hotel? Would you recommend it? Catherine x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments girls - i think I will give the croissants a go!!
    Catherine - we rented a guest house during our LA stay and can highly recommend the experience. We looked at these two site and and ended up booking this apartment

  4. I love baking - make rhubarb & cinnamon cake this morning. Good luck with the croissants :)

  5. I love cable knit jumpers too! I so need to buy some jumpers, I bought 3 last year from a well known brand and they all look like they're 10 yrs old - terrible quality. Here in NZ there's a company that makes the dough and we just need to leave them out overnight to rise and then pop them in the oven the next morning- they're so delicious and as good as France!

  6. Thanks for that LA info Anastasia. I loved that apartment you stayed in, beautiful swimming pool and from what I've read very centrally located. Will keep it in mind if we ever make it there one day. xx


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