June 4, 2013

a Country Style Wedding....

Is there such a thing as a Wedding season?
I know many couples choose a date during the warmer seasons but we've just started Winter in Australia so it's strange that all the fashion magazines out this month have a Wedding & Bridal supplement...
Vogue Australia has a special Brides issue and there is also a new Australian Wedding magazine out on the shelves,   'Hitched'  - it has a lovely creative feel to it and the illustrated cover is gorgeous...its more like a beautiful book than a magazine!
Country Style magazine has a gorgeous wedding layout in its latest issue.
Photographed by Corrie Bond and styled so beautifully, by Lara Hutton  here are some of the images - lovely!


  1. I haven't bought the latest ed of Country Style yet. This wedding looks beautiful, love the flowers.

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