June 7, 2013

Etsy picks of the week: Vintage 'Faux bijoux'

perfect reasons to choose Vintage 'Faux Bijoux'?...and there's definitely a lot of choice on Etsy!
The term 'Faux Bijoux' is not commonly used in Australia but I came across it when I lived in Cyprus - its the French translation for 'Fake jewellery' what we normally call Costume jewellery....Faux Bijoux just sounds better dont you think?!
Ive been drawn to Vintage jewellery lately but not the delicate, precious kind, instead, Ive been looking out for chunky, clunky, large pieces that have that 70s/80s vibe happening...
Growing up I remember my Mother had a ton of fake pieces, large round glossy beads that she'd wear with her turtlenecks, armful of bangles and stacks of rings.  
She was also a fan of AVON jewellery - I guess she only had an AVON budget at the time...but I do remember the happiness (in me) when she'd buy something new!
* 70s hammered metal necklace by JerushadVintage *
Vintage Bezel Glass cluster ring by GenerationsofCreations * Vintage Trifari white flower clip on earrings by Upcoming Legendary


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  2. This jewellery is gorgeous Anastasia. I remember thinking the Avon catalogue was pretty special when I was a child. Mum let me buy a little delf swan that wore a crown and contained perfume. Yes agree, Faux Bijoux sounds so much more wonderful. xx

  3. Ha, that does sound a lot better than "costume jewelry." I'm going to start using that. :-)


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