July 17, 2013

Creative collaboration

During the recent Blogsociety event, Sally, Suzanne and I were chatting how we hardly find time to work on personal projects or to just create, experiment and play with our crafty tools – no restrictions, no boundaries – just inspiration!
…and so an idea was planned and a little collaboration discussed!!

Sally put together a colour story on her blog ( you can see it here ) and this was a prompt for me to create something - she did warn me that Id find the colours a little tricky since she knows I love soft, muted tones.
I started...and stopped - stuck! Suzanne suggested I was thinking about it too much and she was right so I then delved into my box of vintage papers and set out to create a collage.
Inspired by Randel Plowman and his wonderful wonderful book 'The Collage Workbook', I used one of his techniques and this is what I made...
I then cut the collage in half and created two Greeting cards... Paris vs Australia!
What do you think?  too safe?
too boring?  too weird looking? ...its funny that it still has a soft tones even though the chosen colours are quite bright?...anyway it was fun to play with paper!
Suzanne - you're next!!!


  1. they're beautiful, I really like how you've used the colours

  2. Beautiful colours and I like how the lines from the piano key notes are sort of carried through by the latitude and longitude of the map. I might have to try a collage for one of my turns. I'll think about that.

  3. Yaaay!!!
    Well done Anastasia - I knew I was challenging you with those colours, but it's all part of the game I think!!

    Your collages are lovely. I just bought that same book too, When it's back to my turn I may see if it inspires me to also create a collage. Who knows?!

    Now I'm looking forward to seeing where your work leads Suzanne!

    Sally xx


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