August 27, 2013


...Boy oh boy we've had a rough few days at my house with a nasty gastro virus finding its way in.
Neo got it first on Friday and then hubby came down with it two days later and overnight my Pete started suffering too...its exhausting and I'm hoping my immune system holds up...I need the energy to keep on top of it!
My poor little boys so lifeless and down and out, it made me realise that even though they are growing up before my eyes they still need me and want those mum cuddles and kind words especially in time of need.

How fast do kids grow up  – it’s exciting to see them change from bubs to wobbly toddlers to little boys and now Preteens but it also saddens me to know they will soon be looking back onto their 'childhood' instead of being in the moment of it...
I do love that my boys faces still light up with excitement when they spot a rainbow after a sun shower and we always have lots of giggles when they attempt to blow a chewing gum bubble – no luck there yet....but I know this age of innocence will change soon...for now I just want to bottle it up and keep it with me a little longer.

As a parent we try to install excitement in our kids, we want to create happy moments, treat them to lavish birthday parties and special gifts hoping to ensure they don't miss out on anything good and that all the memories are beautiful ones.
When I think of my own childhood I remember snippets of everyday life ...
It’s the little moments that make the big picture.
Moments like my Grandmother drawing for us, dancing with mother gently taking out a splinter from my thigh ( hurt so much and she bought me a whistle lollipop for being so brave ), Saturday morning shopping trips with a promised stop at the bakery for ├ęclairs, colouring inside the lines with such neatness being such an acheivement.  The Summer of '79 and my new
roller-skates...rolling around our tiny concrete back dad patiently teaching us multiplication tables...
Moments of wonder and adventure or quiet times playing with my dolls and my imagination. ...for me these flashes of those early years are precious but they are certainly not extravagant moments.
Such a happy stable childhood - I was very lucky.

If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.

Top by Hulahoop Photography
and bottom via Desire to Inspire by Tara Pearce for Est Magazine 

more Little Kid images via my Pinterest 


  1. Hello Anastasia!
    Yes, children grow up very fast. Mine are 12 and 8 and it seems like yesterday i gave birth to them. But that's life and the only thing to do is enjoy every day of our common life... even days of illness.
    Hope you're all well!

  2. Ohh Anastasia, we have it in our house now. My husband and youngest daughter are sick with gastro at the moment not able to go to school or work today. I hope I don't get it, it's such a horrible thing.

    It goes so fast, my oldest will be 21 next April and the baby of the family 16! I think Christina's advice above is spot on, enjoy everyday.


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