August 7, 2013

Giddy Up!

Last Saturday I spent a few hours at Megan Morton's 'The School' at the 'Horses Birthday Fete' Sydney is so lucky to have such an awesome venue like 'The School' ... interesting creative classes, clever teachers and Megan Morton is such a wonderful host!
it was even more special as I had organised to meet Mel there - I've been a reader of Mel's blog, 'Armoire, Pegs and Casserole' for a while now and so when I heard she was in town visiting family, it was a perfect chance to catch up!
It's always nice to meet a blogger in real life - Mel was so warm and lovely just like I imagined she would be!
It was great to talk about the blogging world, blog schedules and bounce off ideas, we're both so happy to be part of the blogging community that's for sure.
...So back to the 'Horses Birthday Fete' - such a visual treat!
The goods on offer were fantastic - James Gordon's paper sculptures were so beautiful - this is the paper chandelier he created for the event.
Beautiful linens and art prints, patterned cushions and lovely Home Decor.

I adored Sylvie's stall 'The Lost & Found Dept' so many lovely things from yesteryear styled beautifully...I loved Sylvie's world map skirt so much that I asked if I could photograph her!

* pics by me including  a quick selfie of Mel and I*


  1. I saw loads of photos of this all over Instagram, it looked like such a fun / inspiring day out! And I agree - it's so much fun meeting up with other bloggy friends in real life!

  2. Oh Anastasia, it was so lovely to meet you in person and what a perfect event to do it. I agree that Sydney is so lucky to have such a venue and wonderful creatives like Megan and co. I just unwrapped my calligraphy brushes and thinking of where I might display them. Lots of love and we'll have to do it again! Love the blogging community! M x

  3. OOhh I love The School. I wish we had it here in Brisbane but they did come to Brisbane for some workshops. I did the Kara Rosenlund vignette workshop which was amazing. I love meeting blog friends too :)

  4. I agree The School is an amazing, warm, friendly and inspiring place to be. I loved doing Kara's Vignette workshop when they were in Melbourne. Meeting blog friends is so special, love the selfie of you and Mel. x

  5. This paper chandelier is absolutely fascinating.


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